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Experience of safety education

Date: 2019-05-11

Experience of safety education

Do things that others can't and provide customers with services that others can't. In the work of the quality of work to grasp, the whole process to grasp, focus on grasping. In safety to do not harm themselves, do not harm others, do not be hurt by others, protect others from harm. This is what our company summed up when it comes to training safety education.

No matter what type of work, safe production, quality management is always to be at the forefront. To achieve these two points, is responsible for customers, responsible for the company, but also responsible for their own.

Careful analysis and observation of the various accidents that have occurred around us, although the reasons may be many, but if carefully analyzed, in which the operation of mutual custody is not in place and lead to a tragic accident is not a few. In this case, it is because their own sense of security is extremely shallow, but also for a long time "to protect the protection of others from harm" concept of the lack of security.

It makes sense to protect others from harm. " Wouldn't it be a crime to watch your colleagues in violation of the illegal operation or in danger of an accident, if you do not stop it in time, let it develop, and only take care of your own safety? " To protect others from harm ", employees in the production of workers to see the threat of safe production operation behavior can not be hindered by the" feelings "do not point out, let go, but to take the initiative to remind, correct, experienced old workers in the production to take on the responsibility of looking after young workers, can not have" do not care, high up "," The idea and thought of doing more than one less ". In fact, workers working together in production are easy to find that coworkers are not illegal operations or are at risk, reminding and stopping the illegal behavior of workers, not only to avoid the danger of colleagues, but also to avoid their own danger.

For violators, to protect themselves from violations and accidents, timely detection and suppression of their own violations of the behavior of colleagues, in addition to sincerely say "Thank you", but also to effectively correct their own violations, dig deep into the ideological roots, cultivate good operating habits, to ensure that no longer violations, in essence to build a safe bottom line. Will "protect others from harm" to remember the heart, the real implementation in the actual action, so that safety, health with us to accompany!

Factory is the place to produce products, only good product quality can make enterprises effective, in order to make our income guaranteed. Production must obey the quality, enhance the quality consciousness of all staff, strengthen the production process control, strengthen the site management. First of allTo ensure the quality of benefits. Engineering quality is very important to product quality work. It is necessary to combine fine management, further establish and improve the post quality standards, strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, grasp the quality of the project, to highlight the good raw materials, operating customs, to prevent the adjustment of the abrasive is not in place and product handling. Secondly, we should strengthen the work site management, resolutely do the product placement, feeding time and so on. Third, we should actively take effective measures to maximize the yield of products, reduce waste content, and create conditions for finishing. All production departments should continue to strengthen the process control of production activities, set up key quality control points, establish control standards, and strive to reduce waste products, from the source of production to stabilize injection molding quality. To enhance the quality awareness of all staff, we should strengthen the management of production technology, and correctly handle the relationship between production capacity and stable quality.

In fact, the simple thing, to do the ultimate is not easy. The ultimate is an attitude, a responsibility to treat the work of life, the ultimate is also excellence, in their own ability to do their best. Working in a factory is as much a pursuit of the ultimate process, and this chase process is only the beginning, not the end. The biggest trick to optimize winning is to do what others don't want to do, things that others can't do to the extreme. It is already difficult to do what others do not want to do, to do what others can not do, and then to make these things extremely difficult to imagine, to adhere to, success is within reach. The major only represents their own knowledge, after going to the society, the knowledge is not enough, more knowledge is derived from the life of learning and practice.

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