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Dongying Tianwei Anticorrosion Engineering Co., Ltd. in Petroleum (East China) College of Science

Date: 2019-05-11

June 8, 2018, our general manager Tan line and Shandong Petroleum University (East China) College of Science to discuss cooperation, and on behalf of the company in the Faculty of Science set up "Tianwei motivational scholarship." Zhang Wei, deputy director of the Cooperative Development Department of the School Branch, Li Baoxi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Science, Hu Songqing, director of the Department of Material Physics and Chemistry, and the heads of relevant departments attended the scholarship donation ceremony. 

Dongying Tianwei Anticorrosion Engineering Co., Ltd. the scholarship established in the Faculty of Science is mainly for full-time undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Materials Physics and chemistry of the Faculty of Science, giving priority to the funding of outstanding poor university students engaged in corrosion protection. According to the agreement, Dongying Tianwei Anticorrosion Engineering Co., Ltd. donated 100,000 yuan to the Petroleum Education Development Foundation in Shandong Province, and the school selects 4 students each year, each giving 5000 yuan, and the first issue of the agreement lasts for five years. The scholarship aims to stimulate students ' enthusiasm and creativity in learning, to create a good style of study, and to train students to become talents in all aspects of knowledge, ability and literacy development.

Dongying Tianwei Anticorrosion Engineering Co., Ltd. former China Petroleum University Shengli College Hao Pu anticorrosion Co., Ltd., is a research, manufacturing, anti-corrosion, sales as one of the high-tech development company, can be modern petrochemical, petroleum refining, marine chemical, fertilizer, pesticide, power generation, metallurgy and other industries equipment for a full range of anti-corrosion, In the field of Anticorrosion has been in the domestic leading position.

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