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Characteristics of epoxy resin anticorrosive Coatings

Date: 2019-05-11

(1) Excellent adhesion. Epoxy resin structure contains a large number of polar hydroxyl groups and ether keys, they and adjacent interface material can produce a strong absorption force, metal, wood, concrete, glass have excellent adhesion.

(2) Excellent corrosion resistance, anti-seepage properties. Epoxy resin structure contains a stable benzene ring, ether bond, so that the coating resistant to acid, alkali and organic solvents erosion. Although it contains hydrophilic hydroxyl group, it can still have good water resistance effect by the isolation of the crosslinked structure after curing. At the same time, due to the curing process of epoxy resin without small molecular by-products, coating structure is dense, so that a variety of corrosive media difficult to penetrate the metal surface, anti-seepage performance is excellent.

(3) Good mechanical properties. The rigid benzene ring in the structure of epoxy resin is arranged alternately with the flexible hydrocarbon chain, which makes the coating hard and flexible. In addition, when the coating curing, the volume shrinkage is small, the coefficient of thermal expansion is also small, the coating is not easy due to temperature changes and other factors to produce cracking.

(4) High storage stability. Epoxy resin itself is thermoplastic, without curing agent will not solidify, will not be heated curing, generally placed for two years will not deteriorate.

(5) More active chemical activity of epoxy base. Can be modified with a variety of resins, the preparation of multi-species, multi-performance anticorrosive coatings. In particular, epoxy resin can prepare powder coatings, solvent-free coatings, high-solid components of coatings, water-based coatings and other high environmental protection heavy anticorrosive coatings to meet the development trend of the times.

(6) Easy aging. Epoxy resin in the ether bond so that the paint film resistance to daylight UV irradiation is poor, long-term sun, paint film easy to lose luster, and then powder, so it is not appropriate for the outside paint. The addition of ultraviolet absorber, aluminum powder, mica iron oxide and so on can slow down the speed of its powder.

Epoxy resins can be divided into liquid and solid because of their different relative molecular mass. Low molecular weight soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons, high molecular weight of the need for alcohols, esters, ether esters, ketones and other mixed solvents dissolved. The epoxy resin solution prepared by different solvents has different viscosity, and it is not advisable for a single solvent to obtain better construction performance (viscosity and drying speed). Among all kinds of solvents, ketones, alcohol ether and ester solvents are excellent solvents of epoxy resin, xylene only has limited solubility to epoxy resin, mainly plays a dilution role. Alcohol can not dissolve epoxy resin, can only be used as diluent.

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