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Whether the old equipment can be anticorrosive

Date: 2019-05-11

The old equipment can be completely anticorrosive, heat exchanger equipment used for a long time, resulting in oxide shedding caused by the heat exchanger pipe blockage, affecting production efficiency. 

Our company has German technology R & amp; D of high-pressure cleaning equipment, 1200MPa pressure enough to clean by oil and other dirt caused by blockage and other phenomena, the introduction of cleaning equipment greatly improved my company's anti-corrosion efficiency, cleaning equipment mainly use the role of "force", to solve a variety of cleaning problems encountered by enterprises, In order to reduce the chemical cleaning caused by pollution and equipment corrosion phenomenon, can go out to work with a professional cleaning technical team to help you.

Cleaning to improve the old equipment anti-corrosion production speed, cleaning after the completion of physical or chemical rust removal, and then the use of heat exchanger special anti-corrosion coating on the equipment coating anticorrosion, according to the Heat exchanger anti-corrosion part of the different media to choose the corresponding different performance of the anticorrosive coating, thus effectively improve the life of the heat exchanger. 

TW99-5 is a type of curing coating at room temperature, curing at room temperature can go to construction site construction anticorrosion, reduce equipment transportation costs, improve enterprise production efficiency. For large equipment is not easy to transport equipment is a good type of anticorrosion selection.

TW99-1/SHY-99 anticorrosive coatings in the benefits as of today seems to be the best anticorrosion of a coating, in the past after the use of many old customers have designated the use of my company's TW99-1 high-temperature curing coating, but also a lot of new customers also began to use this coating anti-corrosion, achieved a significant effect. 

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