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Quality Assurance

Focus on high-quality anticorrosive products custom-made, products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions at home and abroad.

①Heresite (China) the only designated construction party.

② Company hires patented technology technology inventor, China's first cold change equipment anticorrosion factory.

③ products are exported to more than 20 countries overseas, export rate of up to 65%.

④ has a number of advanced equipment, modern high-tech production.


Diagram of heat transfer coefficient before and after anticorrosion


The heat transfer effect of the non-anticorrosive equipment in use is obviously reduced;

Long-term anticorrosion construction equipment can extend the equipment life cycle;

Precipitation in anticorrosion technology research for nearly 30 years to serve more than 20 countries and regions at home and abroad

① meticulous coating anticorrosion construction technology Scheme.

② Complete Coating anticorrosion process.

③ uses environmentally friendly and efficient cleaning agent for surface treatment.

④ Homemade environment-friendly skimming agent for oil removal.

⑤ Advanced coating technology: immersion coating, coating, coating, to meet customer needs.

⑥ strict heating curve control to enhance surface coating adhesion, hardness.

My company after more than more than 20 years of efforts, quality of service has been widely recognized by customers, in order to better serve the vast number of customers. Our company solemnly promise:

① in full accordance with the "People's Republic of China Petrochemical Industry Standards" of the relevant equipment for anti-corrosion construction.

② to ensure that my company's anti-corrosion treatment of equipment using more than four cycles, at the same time for our company will arrange for the relevant personnel to carry out unpaid tracking services for the workpiece.

③ guarantees delivery during the contract period and guarantees door-to-home delivery.

④ non-Our company factors caused losses, we will also actively assist the factory to find the cause, and provide free or cost services.

⑤ is a key enterprise of China Anticorrosion Association, if the other party has difficult problems, we will arrange for the relevant experts to visit the door at any time.

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