Corporate Culture

Dongying Tianwei Anticorrosion Engineering Co., Ltd., formerly Haopu Anticorrosion Co., Ltd. of Victory School, China University of Petroleum, founded in 1992, is a high-tech development company collecting  scientific research, manufacturing, anti-corrosion construction, sales as one. It is the first professional anticorrosion enterprise of refrigeration & heat-exchange equipment cooperating with Tianjin Institute of Seawater desalination and comprehensive utilization of the State Oceanic Administration, School of Chemical Engineering of China University of Petroleum . 

Company principles: People-oriented, Reputation first

Business philosophy: Win by science and technology, let strength speak

Business philosophy: It is the systematic and fundamental management thought. Management activities must have a fundamental principle. All management needs to be carried out around a fundamental core idea. This core idea is what we call the business philosophy here. The so-called business philosophy, is the basis for managers to pursue corporate performance, is the customer, competitors and scientific and technological advantages, development direction, common beliefs and business objectives pursued by enterprises.

Enterprise Tenet: It is a statement about the purpose of the existence of an enterprise or the contribution that should be made to one aspect of social development, sometimes referred to as the Enterprise mission. The purpose of the business is fundamentally to answer the question "What is our business?" In essence, it is the problem of business owners setting the tone of development for the whole enterprise, that is, "what kind of enterprise our enterprise will become". Enterprise tenet not only involves the long-term goal of the enterprise, the specific business, but also involves the enterprise culture, the enterprise spirit, the management reasonRead. Enterprises in any stage of development, can not deviate from the purpose of the enterprise, the purpose is essentially an enterprise's fundamental thinking and development line. It affects enterprises to formulate various systems and decisions.

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