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Repair engineering of tube coating

Date: 2019-05-11


1, non-excavation cement mortar spraying method to renovate the underground water supply network technology, is one of the most economical and effective methods in many non-excavation and refurbishment technology is widely used in developed countries in Europe and America because of the special technical characteristics and low construction cost of this method.

In China, because most of the water supply pipes laid in the 90 ago have not been sprayed and anticorrosive by cement mortar, now rust, serious scaling, therefore, "non-excavation cement mortar spraying method" Renovation has a very important significance.

The construction of non-excavated cement mortar spraying method has strong technical ability, especially the pneumatic centrifugal spraying technology and shrapnel scraping technology developed by ourselves in recent years, which has a certain breakthrough in the renovation of small-caliber underground pipeline. So far, our company has completed its own DN150~DN600 diameter underground pipeline non-excavation scraping pipe spraying nearly 50 kilometers, for the water supply industry has made a certain contribution. We will continue to sum up experience, improve the technical level, the non-excavation pipe network renovation technology continues to develop.

2, "non-excavation cement mortar spraying method" Construction process Brief introduction: The specific construction method has the following steps to form:

(1) Installation of temporary water supply systems;

(2) Excavation of working pits (depending on the diameter of the pipe and the position of the elbow, the interval is 100 m to hundreds of m);

(3) cleaning pipes;

(4) Spraying cement mortar lining evenly on the wall of the pipe with a spray mortar machine;

(5) using compressed air as the opening of the branch pipe along the route;

(6) Closed pipe at both ends, with the maintenance of mortar lining;

(7) After 48 hours of maintenance, the pressure test of pipeline irrigation;

(8) Disinfection of pipelines, generally with chlorine gas or chlorine compounds;

(9) Restore the water supply with the original system connection;

(10) demolition of temporary water supply systems;

Pipeline interspersed with HDPE repair project

Our company PE pipe interspersed repair old pipeline technology is suitable for the old pipeline can not be excavated across the line, as long as the pipeline at both ends of the excavation of two operation pits, can be interspersed with 1000----1500 meters of PE pipe, a good solution to the underground of a variety of water, oil pipeline repair problems. Suitable for pipes of various materials such as DN100----DN1000.

PE tube with wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and other good chemical stability and physical properties, so interspersed repair old pipe technology has the following technical characteristics:

1, lining after the pipeline has a good overall performance.

Steel pipe interspersed HDPE tube technology is the outer diameter is greater than the inner diameter of the steel pipe after the shrinkage of the HDPE liner into the steel pipe, the formation of "pipe tube", the use of "steel pipe outside can withstand pressure" and HDPE tube "corrosion resistance (acid, alkali, etc.), sand resistance, temperature resistance, non-scaling" and other It has the perfect overall performance.

2, the construction cycle is short, one interspersed distance is long.

3, construction cost bottom, pipeline life is long. The cost of repairing an old pipeline is 50% of the combined cost of the new pipeline, and the service life can be up to 50 years.

4, the lining layer continuous, no easy to corrode weak point. Repair pipeline for continuous PE tube, elbow after special process treatment, pipeline lining layer continuous integrity.

5, suitable for a wide range.

6, online repair, no need to dig the whole line. Ideal for the repair of old pipes laid under important ground facilities (such as buildings, important traffic trunk lines, river lakes, etc.).

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