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high-pressure water jet cleaning technology

Date: 2019-05-11

High-pressure water jet relative to the traditional cleaning means, such as manual mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, etc., with high efficiency, fast, safe, wide range of application, thorough cleaning and so on, its kiyotsu rate, clean rate can reach more than 90; no damage to equipment, no corrosion, no pollution to the environment; no other cleaning methods work. , Completely blocked all kinds of pipes can be thoroughly cleaned.

Water jet is the use of water as a medium, through the high-pressure water generator, so that it obtains a huge amount of energy, in a specific fluid movement, from a certain shape of the nozzle at a very high speed injection out of the energy of a highly concentrated jet, using the jet's powerful impact and shear force, can be used to clean the scale. Different jet mechanism can be used to obtain various spray forms, in order to solve the problem of cleaning different scale objects, to achieve the ideal cleaning effect.

The results of research and practice show that in order to remove dirt effectively and different scaling objects of different equipment, the corresponding cleaning parameters and injection devices must be selected, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the intended cleaning effect. Just as some manufacturers have purchased foreign advanced expensive water jet cleaning equipment, when encountered with a certain degree of difficulty in cleaning engineering results are not good. One of the main reasons is that there is no good cleaning technology, and my company's water jet cleaning has a strong target. In the use of imported equipment some difficult to solve the cleaning problem, the use of our company water Jet cleaning technology can be solved.

The main advantages of using high pressure water jet cleaning:

1.Low cleaning cost: First, the medium used by the high pressure water jet is tap water, and his source is easy and ubiquitous. In the cleaning process, due to the powerful energy, do not need to process any fillers and wash, you can clean, so the cost is low.

2. Clear quality is good: when cleaning the pipe and the inner hole of the heat exchanger, the scale in the tube can be completely removed clean, visible to the metal body. High-pressure water jets with huge energy and supersonic motion are completely capable of destroying hard scaling and clogging, but have no damaging effect on metals.

3. Fast cleaning speed: Due to water jet (foreign called water bomb) scour, cleavage, shear, grinding and other in line with the crushing effect, can immediately break the dirt off. It is cleaned several to dozens of times times faster than conventional chemical methods, sandblasting blasting methods, simple mechanical and manual methods.

4. No environmental pollution: water jet cleaning is not like sandblasting blasting method and simple mechanical cleaning to produce a large amount of dust, pollution of the atmospheric environment, damage to human health, and not like chemical cleaning, the production of a large number of acid, alkali waste liquid pollution can be, soil and water quality.

5. Metal corrosion: Due to pure physical methods, there is no corrosive effect on the metal.

6. Wide range of applications: All water jet can be directly to the part, whether it is the container cavity of the pipe, or the surface of the equipment, whether it is hard scaling, or strong blockage, can be quickly detached from the mother, thoroughly cleaned, this cleaning method on the equipment material, characteristics, shape and tarnished types have no special requirements, Only required to be able to direct, so it is very widely used.

Main objects of high pressure water jet cleaning

The following range of scale, rust, oil scale, carbon scale, smoke scale, biological scale, mixed scale, special scale, insoluble scale, paint, dust and so on are cleaning objects:

1. Chemical Industry Cleaning: heat exchanger cleaning, condenser cleaning, heater cleaning, reactor (tower, kettle) cleaning, circulating cooling water system cleaning, boiler cleaning, absorber (tower) cleaning, synthetic tower cleaning, process pipeline cleaning, tank cleaning, air compressor cleaning, oil system cleaning and so on.

2. Power Industry Cleaning: Condenser cleaning, cold oil cleaning, oil system cleaning, air preheater cleaning, desulfurization equipment flue gas-flue gas heater (that is: flue gas heat exchanger GGH) Cleaning, electrostatic precipitator cleaning, ash exhaust pipe cleaning, steam turbine cleaning, reverse osmosis membrane cleaning.

3. Pharmaceutical Industry Cleaning: Heat transfer (cooling, condensation, heating) device cleaning, air compressor cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, fermentation tank cleaning, evaporator cleaning.

4. Grease Industry Cleaning: Evaporator cleaning, condenser cleaning, boiler cleaning, vacuum pump cleaning, refining equipment cleaning, exhaust recovery equipment cleaning.

5. Oil industry Cleaning: Heat exchanger cleaning, oil pipeline cleaning, water injection pipeline cleaning, wastewater pipeline cleaning, casing cleaning, catheter cleaning, cooling water system cleaning.

6. Coal Industry cleaning: Pressure fan cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning, hot water pipe cleaning, pressure air pipe cleaning.

7. Metallurgical Industry Cleaning: ironmaking (steel) furnace water system cleaning, air (nitrogen, oxygen) press cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning, a variety of pipeline cleaning, initial cooler cleaning, air separation device cleaning and so on.

8. Brewing, tobacco, food industry cleaning: cooling (condensation) cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning, fermentation tank cleaning, dryer cleaning, table cooler cleaning, a variety of pipeline cleaning, cold storage equipment cleaning.

9. Cement Industry Cleaning: Grille cleaning, floor cleaning, conveyor line cleaning, material box cleaning, cooling tank cleaning, preheater cleaning, rotary furnace cleaning, container cleaning, air compressor cleaning and ancillary equipment cleaning.

10. Public Utility Cleaning: Central air conditioning cleaning, gas pipeline cleaning, sewage pipeline cleaning, building exterior wall cleaning, aircraft cleaning, ship cleaning, train cleaning, car cleaning.

11. Industrial circulating water treatment.

Popularization effect of high pressure water jet in power plant

In recent years, because the coal price straight rise energy is increasingly scarce, so that the profit of power generation greatly increased, so only in reducing coal consumption, improve thermal efficiency on the article, mining benefits. Now by our company to provide high-pressure water jet cleaning has been in Beijing-Tianjin Tong, Zhangjiakou, Inner Mongolia, Datong, Yangquan and other areas of thermal power plants have been widely used and popularized, the practice has proved to greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the plant, reduce the coal consumption, the economic benefits received is very significant.

Boiler side:

1, pulverized coal in the furnace combustion process, so that cold water than the surface slag, in the superheater, in the hot air high-temperature section of the gas surface, firmly paste a layer of strict sediment, become high-temperature sintered ash, in the sintering of the ash, metal corrosion, affect heat transfer, cause deviation, increase ventilation resistance, the consequences are, The high temperature corrosion under ash will reduce the service life of the heated surface and cause the explosion pipe accident when serious.

2, pulverized coal after burning to produce a large amount of ash, with the flue gas through the air preheater, due to long weeks of operation, resulting in cold end element plugging ash is extremely serious, resulting in increased flue gas resistance, increased smoke exhaust temperature, resulting in increased wind current, leading to unit load-limiting operation.

3, the above two by high-pressure water jet cleaning In addition to the heating surface coking, reduce the boiler operation of the explosion pipe phenomenon and conducive to anti-friction explosion-proof inspection, reduce the number of non-stop units. After the air pre-gas is clear, the leakage volume is greatly reduced, the design value output is accepted, the current of the fan decreases by 10A, and the smoke exhaust temperature is reduced by 4. The hot air temperature rises, the air volume is sufficient, the combustion is stable.

Steam Turbine Aspects:

The main surface in the condenser, Air machine cooling unit heat sink, cold oil steam and so on.

Condenser copper pipe cooling water side scaling phenomenon is more common, in the past the use of artificial stab tube, pen too much, such as large manual investment, low efficiency, and resulting in the effect of copper pipe scratches is not satisfactory, chemical cleaning costs, cleaning water emissions on the environment pollution, through high-pressure water cleaning after the copper tube wall to show metal luster, descaling rate of So that the air degree is up to standard, at the same time, the unit of more than two condensers can not be suspended, the structure of the condenser respectively exit cleaning. Located in North China Air cooling unit and forced cooling air unit, due to large wind and sand, industrial dust and other reasons to make the air heatsink dirt deposition is serious, resulting in the unit vacuum drop, back pressure increase, the unit can not full load output, to the hair enterprise to bring losses, after cleaning the heat sink exposed metal luster. Vacuum degree is obviously improved, therefore, the use of high-pressure cleaning is a fast and economical choice.

Various types of pipelines:

Most of the diameters of upper and lower piping and industrial water pipelines are efficiently cleaned in 150~500 mm, at any length (one propulsion length 50~120 m), and in the pipes of any scaling and clogging objects. Application conditions, pipe hole blocking or semi-blocking dead and pipe hole around or bottom structure, cleaning form, to high-pressure hose belt nozzle to the surrounding scaling jet, by the jet reverse force to automatically advance, cleaning and descaling.

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