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Ultra Hydrophobic Coatings

Ultra- hydrophobic coatings or wear-resistant high-hardness nano-coating is our company s original import of German company high-performance food-grade environmental protection coatings This product is suitable for metal surfaces and can reach the hardness of pencils 5H, bend but not crack, and is acid resistant, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant This product is suitable for such as: Titanium, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, copper, steel, cast iron and other metal surface, and is environmentally friendly and energy-saving This coating is an environmentally friendly and high-performance product
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1. Temperature resistance: minus −50〜+275℃;

2. Hardness:  4H-5H (Aluminum Alloy surface);

3. Corrosion Resistance: neutral salt mist test for more than 3,000 hours (coating thickness 5-8μ );

4. Twists: 90 degrees 4Times (Coating thickness 20μ ,  Aluminum sheet);

5. Antibacterial: The surface is completely sealed, bacteria can not remain;

6. Easy to clean: hydrophobic (water contact angle 110°-120°), oleophobic, can not stick to sticky, has anti-fingerprint effect;

7. Mirror Leveling effect: Flat bottom material can achieve mirror effect;

8. Thermal conductivity: Does not affect the heat conduction performance.

Main specifications:

1. Main ingredients: Silica;

2. Appearance: Transparent liquid;

3. Solid content: 22% -25%;

4. Viscosity: 14±2Seconds (20C,NK2);

5. Specific Gravity: 0.912.

Use reference:

1. Dilution solvent: No dilution, with the original liquid;

2. Match: Single part;

3. Coating method: Soaking;

4. Drying conditions: Need to bake, temperature for 180~190℃ grilled 20 Minutes;

5. Coating thickness should not exceed 10μ, and not exceed 5μ for products with demand tortuous nature.

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